CORDA Security Enhancement Series: Improving Security & Flexibility on a Private Corda Node with Layer 3 Governance

How Corda Networks Operate - Overview

Corda networks are peer to peer, private networks for distributed ledger business transactions. These networks are accessible by deploying one’s own Corda node with an X509 certificate signed by a Corda network operator.

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SRE, APIMs, and Microservices - Countering Microservice and API Sprawl to Realize Your API-Led Vision

With the proliferation of service meshes composed of Microservices, Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) and the API Management (APIM) solutions to develop, deploy, manage and govern both API’s and Microservices, the need for Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) best practices

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JMS Alternative to MQ Strategies on Anypoint - Reliable, Scalable and SRE Focused Messaging

One of the most exciting things about API’s is the ability to invoke them to parse and evaluate a message (i.e. an Order Status object), and, based on the contents of the message, distribute to up to N

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The Convergence of API’s and Microservices at the Process Layer Utilizing Hexagonal Architecture Patterns

Combining API-Led and Domain Driven Design to Govern Your Microservices Architecture (MSA)

API-Led Connectivity is a technique of organizing the API's microservices expose into three categories: System, Process and Experience. In previous blog posts I've covered how System API's act

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Unleashing the Full Potential of the Modern Development Paradigm Using Experience API’s and Domain Events

As alternative modern development platforms, such as SalesForce Lightning, Mendix and even analytics platforms like R proliferate, the role and value of API's can be a critical component to unleash their full potential. While these platforms promise rapid application development

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System API’s: An Enterprise Anti-Corruption Layer

Anti-Corruption Layers (ACLs) are an important Domain Driven Design pattern. ACLs translate data from foreign systems into the Ubiquitous Language (the practice of developing a common and rigorous vocabulary between the developers and users within a given business domain to

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